Voodoo Knife Block

The voodoo knife block is perhaps the best gift that has ever been given to home chefs – it makes the knives something that is to be both respected and enjoyed.

It’s all to easy to take things to far in one direction or the other –  too easy to treat you knives like some sort of holy relic that must be carried in a cloth and kept out of site and out of mind!  It is also possible to take things too far in the other direction and completely neglect your kitchen hardware – so the Raffaele Iannello designed voodoo knife block might get the balance about right.

The hard-wearing plastic holder is made by  RICSB.com a company famed for the way it can combine the three elements of humour, design and quality in all of its products. The knife man is but the first of  a long line of gadgets that fit the bill – there is also pen holders and  scissor – voodoo men to take part in the antics. Fun and frolics – you bet! Be in it to win get some black magic voodoo knife men form knifelicker.com - who also have voodoo tips and tricks. When you have you voodoo knife bock then come back to test it out with some pig and block recipes!

So what do you actually get with the knife man? Well the holder is plastic and comes in a variety of colours and the five knives that protrude in the comical voodoo-doll way are all top-quality vanadium steel so will not let you down. The most useful of the knives has to to be the chef’s knife which is the item that you will grow to love out of all of the available blades – but there are times when you need to do a bit of fiddly work, in which case it it is the little paring knife that wil come to your aid – and at this point I have to be honest, I never use either of the other three of the five knives – although my family do, this perhaps illustrates what I said at the start about de-mystifying the knives as holy kitchen objects.

The magnetic catches and  safety sleeves to their part in holding the whole thing in place for the sake of a bit of safety-first. So if you don’t believe me then I suggest you take look at one in the flesh and see if the voodoo knife blocks are going to work for you!

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