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Cream Chargers

I was just trying out an idea for liver pate when I found a recipe for using cream chargers to lighten up the mix – full recipe on feedwhip.com┬ábut in essence it use a whipped cream dispenser and the nitrous oxide charger to create a foamy mousse.

You may think the idea of whipped pate as a bit cheap and budget, but that is far from the truth – what you actually end up with is a very strong but subtle parfait. To create this you needn’t e too precise but follow a simple principle – the mixture has to be totally smooth so no short-cuts and no “hard” herbs or spices for flavour. I know that I usually advocate the use of cracked black pepper for crunch AND flavour but for this then what you really want is the finest 00 grind on fine white pepper.

The liver, spice mixture need something to thin it down – try port or sherry – and something to make it set so add butter this will probably not form a nice emulsion, but as long as it is warm then it can be poured into the cream dispenser – then give it a vigorous shake before charging with the nitrous cream charger an then shake again before dispensing the mixture. This all has t happen very fast so that the butter does not set in the nozzle – but it can’t be too hot either or it will sink – and the nitrous oxide escape before the mixture has cooled and set.

You can also add some cream – which only seems appropriate because the equipment you are using is called a whipped cream dispenser.

There is more discussion of the ideas behind the recipe here

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