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Voodoo Knife Blocks and Sausages

Pig and Block

The pig and block is all about creating your own charcuterie - going back to basics and discovering what works for you, rather than just taking what is on offer. Think about what you are doing and you will make better quality products than you thought possible - and for far, less money than you were expecting.

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Voodoo Knife Block

The voodoo knife block is an awesome little kitchen gadget and with its compliment of five, sharp quality knives it is the perfect accompaniment to anyone setting out with the pig and block as their guide. There is no disputing that this man could be better than any simple wooden knife holder.

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Voodoo Sausages

The voodoo man tells us that sausages are not just stuffing anything together like some sort of voodoo doll - but rather taking the best ingredients and letting them shine for you. Think about bold colours and flavours and have fun.

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